Justinian Talks: Best of 2020

We can all agree 2020 has been a challenging year which makes the opportunity to talk with all the amazing people we had on the pod even more important. Which is why we decided to finish the year with an edition of the pod with excerpts from the conversations with all our guests so far.

The episode starts with our good friend Phil (00:00 – 03:48), continues with Steven and Vera (03:48 – 22:21), Kyle (22:21 – 30:27), Rron (30:27 – 39:34), Aziz (39:34 – 50:30), Phil for the second time (50:30 – 58:22), Marc (58:22 – 01:08:00), Kevin (01:08:00 – 01:20:24), and finishes with the third guest appearance from Phil and a message to our encore. Enjoy!

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